Building A Career Framework

November 2020

Finding your perfect career plan

In order to find the perfect career plan, you should start by building a framework.

Start by thinking about 5 things you are looking for in a role and why. For example, ‘I am looking for a role that allows me to use my creativity whilst developing my commercial skills and gives me good responsibility on projects that will make a real impact’.

Then think of 5 things you are looking for in a company and why. Maybe it’s a company of a certain size or in a certain industry. Maybe it’s a brand that you love or trust or a company with a certain culture - think of Google’s ‘Googlyness’ for example.

Think about what motivates you. Are you results driven? Are you a creative type?

Think about what you want from a work environment. What do you want your work/life balance to be? Do you want to work in large teams of people?

Start with these thoughts. Write them down, sleep on it and then go back to them and think it over again. At least 80% of the framework should be ‘ticked off’ when you're interrogating job descriptions. You’d be surprise at how often people don't read job descriptions at all or thoroughly enough. Some people don't even know what company it is that they are applying for. Trust me on that. I’ve seen the applications.